who we are
Artistic Director
Krissy Vanderwarker*

Associate Artistic Director
Devon de Mayo*

Artistic Associates
John Blick
Sheila Callaghan
Matthew Gawryk
Dieterich Gray
Brendan Griffin*
Rod Hunting
Faith Noelle Hurley
Amber Johnson
Marta Juaniza
Linda Laake
Teeny Lamothe
Shannon O'Neill
Stephen Ptacek
Grant Sabin
Daniel Stermer
Paul Oakley Stovall
Catherine Tantillo
Josh Volkers

Board of Directors
Ryan Compaan, President
Ben Singer, Vice President
Jason Lyrla, Treasurer
Katy Walsh, Secretary
Charles Dobson
Chris Belford
Devon de Mayo*
Heidi Fieschko
Ryan O'Connor
Brendan Turner
Krissy Vanderwarker*

Former Board Members:
Alison Holton
Jenny Lawton
Philippe Pierre
Sheetal Prajapati
Bryan Vanderwarker
Scott Varland
Steve Zweiback

*Founding company member

Krissy Vanderwarker is a founder and the artistic director of Dog & Pony. She has directed God’s Ear, As Told by the Vivian Girls, Mr. Marmalade, Ape, Osama the Hero, Crumble (Lay Me Down, Justin Timberlake) and As Much As You Can for D&P. Regional credits include the upcoming Kinsmen, or Descendants for the O'Neill Cabaret & Performance Conference and As Much As You Can for Hendel Productions West at Celebration Theater, NY Fringe Fest.  Assistant director credits include Black Diamond at Lookingglass, Purple Heart at Steppenwolf Theatre Company and Sky Girls at Northlight Theatre. She holds a BA in Religion and Art History from Northwestern University, where she founded Sit and Spin Productions.

Devon de Mayo is a founder and associate artistic director of Dog & Pony. She recently co-directed The Further Adventures of Hedda Gabler and devised and co-directed As Told by the Vivian Girls for D&P.  Her directing credits include: Pool (No Water) (NHSI), Edgar & Ellen: Bad Seeds (Northlight Theatre), Phantom Tollbooth (Northlight Theatre), Nights at the Circus (NHSI), 52 (Canal Café Theatre, London), Ohio, Impromptu (Studio 7, London), The World Over (NHSI), The Spider (Indonesian Institute for the Arts), and Clouds (Dog & Pony). She holds a MFA in Directing from Middlesex University in London. She has also studied at the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (GITIS) in Moscow and the Indonesian Institute for the Arts in Bali. She currently serves as the Director of the Northlight Theatre Academy.

John Blick is one of the newest members of Dog & Pony, having joined forces for As Told by the Vivian Girls.  Once the show ended, John just kinda stuck around. Primarily an actor, John is honing his financial oversight skills in an attempt to bring in some grant money and just be organized.  When not playing on stage, John can be found in the world of Chicago Chambers of Commerce.  He continues to act with various companies in the city. If you ask, he’ll fill you in on all the details.

Matthew Gawryk ('mã-thyü 'gou-rik) (lighting design): [noun] 1 an active member of the Chicago performing arts community • one in the field of design, primarily of (but not exclusive to) lighting • one who is artistically associated with two local theatre companies; Sansculottes Co. and Dog & Pony Theatre. 2 a person under the influence of lunar phases, electrical currents, water falls, aunts, uncles, pi, and the ultimate taco. 3 a Freelance Electrician who enjoys the practical aspect of an ethereal art. • one who has toured domestically and internationally with Hubbard Street Dance. 4 The happy and thankful BF of one L. Halm (recent and upcoming uses include scenic and lighting design for Disappearing Acts at the Piven Theatre)

David Dieterich Gray joined D&P in 2006 after seeing that the company was after many of the same things he found himself aspiring for like plumbing expertise & making connections with the folks at NASA. He first joined the ranks of D&P after an exciting stint as The Apartment in Crumble, Lay Me Down Justin Timberlake. He has also appeared in Osama The Hero and as Mr. Marmalade in Mr. Marmalade all for Dog & Pony Theatre Co. Mr. Gray serves as the casting foreman and has also directed readings for D&P and a production of Veuve Clicquot by Suzan-Lori Parks as part of her 365Plays/365Days Festival. Other stage credits include: Passion Play at Yale Repertory; King Lear with Stacy Keach at Goodman Theatre (dir. Robert Falls); Mother Courage , The Royal Family (dir. Frank Galati) & I Just Stopped By To See The Man all at Steppenwolf Theatre; SS! Taming of the Shrew (dir. David Bell) at Chicago Shakespeare; The Buddy Holly Story at Drury Lane Oakbrook; Eurydice (dir. Joyce Piven), Great Expectations, Our Country's Good, Lady Chaplin & The Mad Dancers all at Piven Theatre (Ensemble Member). Film credits: DogJack, The Meaning of Hemmingway, Toolshed and the recent Maverick release, 8 of Diamonds opposite Eric Roberts. Mr. Gray is married to KT Luby, a big-time Dog & Pony supporter.

Faith Hurley is ecstatic to be a part of the Dog & Pony family! Faith most recently collaborated as a fight consultant on D&P’s award-winning production of As Told By The Vivian Girls. She was last seen on stage in D&P’s original production of APE, and before that in D&P’s Jeff nominated production of Mr. Marmalade. Other theater credits include several roles for the Illinois Shakespeare Festival; Queen Anne in The Three Musketeers, Kate in Taming of the Shrew, and Viola in Twelfth Night. Other Regional credits include: Transference at The Mercury, Thyona in Big Love, Caroline Bramble in Enchanted April, and Meg in Crimes of the Heart at Heritage Repertory Theatre. Faith performed Catherine Huffman in the Angie awarding winning show Death by Darkness at the very first International Mystery Writer’s Festival. Faith holds a degree from Illinois State University, and a M.F.A. from the University of Virginia. Faith will be working as the fight chorographer on Sideshow’s upcoming production of Everything Freezes: another winter’s tale and then will be appearing on stage in Dog & Pony’s Midwest Premiere of God’s Ear.

Marta Juaniza handles publicity for Dog & Pony and was part of the ensemble in As Told By the Vivian Girls and Watering Hole.
Some A-Zs: Anna Karina in Bande à par, biking, butoh, capoeira, dachshunds, fat cats, Serge Gainsbourg, Hal Hartley, intuitive art, jade plants, knitting, libraries, mockumentaries, NPR, old stuff, Pitchfork, homeopathic remedies, sushi, thrift stores, vintage Schwinns, wellies, yard sales.

Linda Laake is fortunate to have many interests, most of which were discovered by piqued interest, pure chance, and overall seizing of opportunities. To list all her hobbies would certainly be a feat, so here’s the short list: singing, overseas travel, road trips, camping, paper crafts, thrift shopping, playing scrabble, writing, social action, and really listening to music.

Obviously, theatrical design is more than a small force in her life, her high school years spent voluntarily crawling through sawdust and performing quick fixes on props and costumes finally found their purpose when she graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a B.A. in Theater Set Design. While attending college, she needed summer work/room and board, so when a friend connected her with Camp Evergreen in Wisconsin, Linda jumped at the chance.  Two days on the job and she fell in love. The campers with whom she was so privileged to work all had physical and/or developmental disabilities.  They taught her more about character, values and the meaning of life than she even would have thought possible! Two years later, she became the camp director and by the time she graduated from college, Linda was ready to find a full time job in the field.  Wisconsin connections led her to work there for a couple of years, but she dearly missed her career in theater. So finally, after gaining the experience she desired, Linda has returned to Chicago to attempt the balancing act of her two greatest passions.  So far, so good! Peace.

Teeny Lamothe originally from Littleton, Colorado, is elated to be part of the Dog & Pony crew. D&P adventures include As Told by the Vivian Girls as well as the upcoming, God’s Ear. She also likes to fall under the official title of treasured archivist, so feel free to call her that the next time you see her. Teeny is also an active participant in the Dog & Pony Ruff Play Reading Series, most likely because she’s great at reading aloud.  Other acting credits include Hayley in The Pitchfork Disney (The Underground) and Myrrha/Therapist in Metamorphoses (The Underground). She holds a BFA in Acting from Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY.

Shannon O'Neill began working with Dog & Pony in 2005 as the fight choreographer for Osama the Hero.  Since then she has choreographed fights in other D & P shows such as Mr. Marmelade and most recently As Told by the Vivian Girls.  Shannon is also an ensemble member at Factory Theaters and can be seen in their upcoming Mop Top production starting in March.

Stephen Ptacek is a champion birdwrestler, velodrome bicyclist, salt-water swimmer and accountant. He explodes cars and makes mix cds for a living. Sometimes he imagines plays that no one else ever sees. His favorite recent designs include Breathing Corpses, Faster, As Told By The Vivian Girls, and Taylor Mac's The Young Ladies Of. Sometimes Over the summer he corrupts the youth of Evanston and beyond at the wonderful NHSI Cherubs program, assisting Nick Keenan. His band, El is a sound of Joy is maybe playing usually, so you should go see them.